Cape May’s Easter Fashion Stroll Results

The City of Cape May, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May, the Small Businesses of the Washington Street Mall and Cape May Kiwanis, is proud to announce this year’s winners in the annual Cape May Easter Fashion Stroll.  The Easter Fashion Stroll took place Sunday, April 16, 2017 at 1pm on the 300 block of the Washington Street Mall. 

Boys-3 years of age and under:
1st place: Twins Dylan & Gavin Gerace – Mechanicsburg, PA
2nd place: Ben Brindisi-Brigantine, NJ
3rd place: Jacob McDow-Willow Grove, PA

Girls-3 years of age and under:
1st place: Julianna Hurd – Ivyland, PA
2nd place: Fiona Bailey-Sewell, NJ
3rd place: Winnie Fox-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Boys-4-6 years of age:
1st place: Gavin Bailey- Sewell, NJ
2nd place: Evan Schmidt-Columbus, OH 
3rd place: Cooper DiMaio-North Cape May, NJ 

Girls-4-6 years of age:
1st place: Ava Grace Collins-Fair Haven, NJ
2nd place: Maya Moryakova- Cape May, NJ
3rd place: Vera Bailey- Sewell, NJ

Boys-7-9 years of age:
1st place: Carter Kuswendra-Villas, NJ
2nd place: Charlie Crossed-West Chester, PA 
3rd place: Albi Luca-New York, NY

Girls-7-9 years of age:
1st place: Victoria Laurenzi-Cape May, NJ  
2nd place: Cecilia Schnittman-Exton, PA 
3rd place: Lillie Sachar-Cape May, NJ 

Boys-10-12 years of age:
1st place: Max Schnittman- Exton, PA 
2nd place: Edward Real-Pearl River, NY

Girls-10-12 years of age:
1st place: Aureja Jackunaite-North Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Bernadeette Real-Pearl River, NY
3rd place: Jessica Hurd-Erma, NJ

Boys-13-18 years of age:
1st place: Guy Bayan-Philadelphia, PA

Girls-13-18 years of age:
1st place: Arden Wolfe-Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Caroline Crossed-West Chester, PA
3rd place: Ashley Hamby- Villas, NJ

Best Dressed Man:
1st place: Aaron Schnittman-Exton, PA
2nd place: Eddie Castagnetta-Cape May, NJ
3rd place: Paul Real-Pearl River, NY

Best Dressed Lady:
1st place: Sarah Spence-Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Jennifer Real-Pearl River, NY
3rd place: Loretta Mestishen-DelHaven, NJ

Best Dressed Couple:
1st place: Mary Ann & Eddie Castagnetta-Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Dave & Skylar Novak-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3rd place: Paul & Jennifer Real-Pearl River, NY

Best Dressed Family:
1st place: Sachar Gelfad Family-Cape May, NJ
2nd place: McGovern Family-Cape May, NJ 
3rd place: Mason Family-Cape May Court House, NJ

Best Bonnet:
1st place: Loretta Mestishen-DelHaven NJ
2nd place: Julianna Hurd-Ivyland, PA 
3rd place: Linda Vargo-Lodi, NJ

Date of Release: 
Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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